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A free financial wellness tool to guide you on your journey to a well-balanced financial plan. Take action on the simple steps that will have the greatest impact on your financial life.

What You Can Expect

By completing the Financial Wellness assessment from Melius you will be provided with a report comparing your current financial wellness with industry data to determine what adjustments, if any, may be needed to achieve a better balance of how you are allocating and protecting your resources.

In addition, if you are out of balance Melius will tell you why and provide steps you can take action on now to improve your financial future. Here are a three examples out of seven areas that you can review:

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What percentage of my income should I be saving?

Do I have enough deductible on my insurance? Or do I have too much?

How much should I have for retirement? What about a 401K? or a IRA?

How It Works

Melius guides you through basic questions, allowing us to find areas of your financial health that are out of balance and identify your next steps. A Melius score is created that allows you to compare yourself against peers. Finnally, we provided action oriented steps for you to take to improve your Melius score and increase your financial wellness.

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